Shockwave Therapy for Tendonitis and Bursitis and Arthritis

£1,013.19 GBP

The Shockwave Therapy device uses radial waves that are emitted through a pneumatic mechanism: a projectile is accelerated by compressed air and then abruptly slowed down as it hits a transmitter, the elastically suspended transmitter is brought into direct contact with the patient’s skin above the painful area, the pressure wave created at the point of contact propagates radially inside the patient’s body.

With 8 bars of pressure and 22 HZ of frequency technology, the ESWT device helps significantly stimulate growth factors, stem cells for blood vessel formation and cell regeneration. The most common indications include tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), periarticular shoulder pain, lumbago, Achilles tendinitis, patellar tendinitis, etc.