EMS Infrared Red Light Therapy for Foot 880nm

$217.35 CAD

Each light therapy belt adopts a combo of red 640nm, 660nm and Infrared 880nm, 150 PCS powerful 880nm invisible infrared LED light chips is specially designed, 150 PCS 640nm and 150 PCS 660nm visible red LED light chips.

Added Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and pulse technology to enhance the effect, promoting blood circulation and metabolism, alleviating joint and muscle pain, numbness and tingling associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, etc.

The 30”×5” size design will cover the ankle and calf well, and there are three free flexible belts to help wrap.

Red and infrared lights can be selected individually or together. 3 temperature levels can also be selected. You can simply customize your therapy program through the controller.