Pulse Dose Oxygen Therapy 5L

$1,399.00 USD

  1. No tanks to refill or replace.
  2. Mini size at 199*183*86mm and only 1.98KG with the battery.
  3. Pulse dose settings with 1-5L.
  4. Medical grade, oxygen purity is 93%±3% at all settings.
  5. With a strong and comfortable shoulder bag.
  6. Long-lasting 8 cell battery, up to 5.5 hours operation at 1L setting after fully charged.
  7. USA MAC magnetic valve and PCBA.
  8. French CECA molecular sieve bed, ST chip and compressor kernel.
  9. Japanese pressure sensor.
  10. Exquisite design with integrated frame and longer lifespan with all-in-one module inside.